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Exercise in private any time at one of our 24/7 tinygyms

Our private gyms have everything you need for a great workout, but unlike other gyms you get the whole place to yourself. Your gym, your workout.

How it works


Download the app

Install the tinygyms app on your phone and create an account.


Book a slot

Browse the calendar for a time that suits you then book your workout.


Scan your pass

Touch your phone to the gym door lock and it will open only for you.


The gym is yours

Run, cycle, lift weights... do yoga with your music on loud. It's up to you!

tinygyms booking app screen
Phone unlock.png

We're working on our first location

Let us know where you'd like a private workout space and we'll tell you when tinygyms is coming to your area.

Locations anchor

a tiny story about tinygyms

This is me

I'm Mike. Proud owner of the world's tiniest backgammon set, and perennial contender for Dundee's Palest Arms.

I love being active. Running, lifting weights, playing hockey; pretty much anything I can feasibly excuse wearing a vest for.

I've always enjoyed gyms, but a lot of my friends hate them and I wondered why.

TinyGyms founder Mike Forbes
Crowded gym


It turns out a lot of people are scared of big busy gyms, despite wanting to get fitter.

53% of women are put off due to worries about their appearance, and a third of all UK adults fear feeling out of place at a gym.

Whatever the reason, there are millions of people who feel gyms aren't meant for them.

A gym just for you

That's why we need a new kind of gym just for you. Small pods with a treadmill, bike and weights; accessible 24/7 for private workouts.

A space where you can feel safe to come as you are, with no worries about anyone else.

I want tinygyms to remove an unnecessary barrier to living a healthier lifestyle.

Gym in environment (left front angle) v2_edited.jpg

Want the whole gym to yourself?

We're opening the first tinygyms in Dundee. Help us choose the best location for this and future sites by registering for updates.

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